Soon it will be time again: a long weekend of extra shopping fun during 'Braderie Publique,' the annual downtown braderie organized by PuurGent. Below are the traffic measures in effect during the weekend of June 1-2-3-4.

Nature and impact of Braderie Publique

  • All permit holders can only enter the traffic-free zones before 9 a.m.and after 7 p.m. during the days of Braderie Publique (June 1-2-3-4).
  • Kraanlei will not be closed but there will be stalls.
  • Korte Meer will be closed and only accessible to "permit holders car-free area 1". Attention: this year the Ajuinlei and Jakobijnenstraat are traffic-free zones.
  • In the event of heavy traffic, Brabantdam may be closed. At that time, traffic on the Koophandelsplein is allowed only under police escort, even if you do not have a permit.


  • The car-free zone rules also apply during the Braderie, your permit does not allow you to drive over the traffic filters (clipping) or in a car-free area for which you do not have a permit.
  • It is best to schedule works to be performed, moves and other entrances before 9 a.m. and after 7 p.m. or on days before and after the Braderie.
  • Always take into account the signs on the roadway, possible detours or police communications.

An overview of all streets can be found below. Plan your route in advance using the enclosed map of Braderie Publique and our map of the Circulation Plan on the website of the City of Ghent.