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Hotel Gravensteen Ghent

Classical hotel in the city centre of Ghent

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History of the Gravensteen Hotel (1865)

1865: First stone laid on behalf of mr. Teofiel Bernard Waterloos.

1894: The building was sold to Mr. timber merchant. Emiel Clays Fieve.

1941: New owner mr. Andre Waterloos Geldhof-leased it to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, which in turn attributed to the National Institute of Chemistry and food in Ghent.
This gave the house a job as a college.

1980: The premises of the building were occupied by the Conservatory of Ghent.

1985: The building was owned by the family De Witte -De Roeck. They built the mansion in order to become what it is: an elegant 19th century hotel. At the time of the opening, the hotel had four stars.

1989: The Swedish Hannah Holding became the new owner of the hotel. They wanted to invest 140 million Belgian francs to later expand from 17 to 63 rooms. After difficulties in one of its companies plans were cancelled.

1996: The De White family bought the hotel again and is still the proud owner. They extended the first hotel of 17 rooms to 27 rooms.

1998: There were nine rooms and created as there were another 22 rooms in an adjacent building, now better known as Sherlock Holmes. Present: Hotel Gravensteen now has 49 personalized rooms equipped with every comfort.

The White family is also the owner of the Ghent River Hotel (77 rooms) and Hotel de Flandre (47 rooms). Both hotels are located in the historic center of Ghent.